Is there a way to view private Instagram profiles without following them

Is there a way to View Private Instagram profiles?

Instagram is one of the popular social networking service which is grooming bigger in size and volume. People who are crazy about photo and video sharing prefer Instagram over facebook or twitter. As like other social network, Instagram do have it’s privacy settings, which controls who want to watch your profile and what type of content can be viewed on your private profile for people who are not in your friends circle. Straight way talking Instagram privacy settings are all about what needs to be shown on your public profile and your Instagram private profile. Let’s see in detail, what is Instagram public view and possibilities to view private Instagram profiles.

Is there a way to View Private Instagram profiles?

The privacy settings  of Instagram  restricts content of a private accounts to followers and it cannot be seen by anyone who is not a follower. For example, if you have a  Instagram public profile, it can be viewed by anyone, who has Instagram account or even if they don’t have a Instagram account just by visiting the Instagram website. However, in case of Instagram private account, the profiles cannot be viewed that easily. First, you need to send a follow request to the person whose private photos and videos you want to watch. Then, if the person accepts your Instagram follower request, you can watch private Instagram profiles of that person. But, it solely depends on the person, whether to approve or not.

So, is there a way to view private Instagram profiles?

When you ask this question, my answer would be: YES, you can view private Instagram profiles and their photos. Here are the methods by which people view the private Instagram profiles of others.

How to view private Instagram profiles without following?

There are various hacking techniques people follow to view private Instagram profile of the person whose account they want to look at. I’m going to teach you 5 different methods by which you can see other peoples private Instagram photos without following.

  • Using Private Instagram profile viewer | Private instagram viewer app
  • Creating an alternative Instagram account | Fake Instagram account
  • Hack the private Instagram account
  • Give out a follow request
  • Make use of Instagram activity tab

1. Using Private Instagram profile viewer | Download photos from private Instagram profiles

One of the easiest method to view Instagram private profiles is to use a Private Instagram profile viewer apps. There are many websites allowing users to view the private Instagram profiles of others without collecting any personal details. You don’t even want to have an Instagram account to access others private profile. All you have to do is, just have the username of the account, whose private profile you wish to view.

Some popular Instagram Private profile viewers are,, etc. I would advice you to be more careful, when adding any personal details to any Instagram profile viewer, as many seems to be scam. They just collect all your personal details and corrupt your system, profile and your personal data. So, don’t give any of your personal details and try to move forward in all the page to view and download the private Instagram account images. For me, until a website asks me to download a software or an add-on, it is good enough to view private Instagram profiles.

Few of these websites also ask you to complete a survey. Don’t try to do that. Find out how to view private Instagram profiles without completing survey and proceed. However, if there are small captcha to recognize if you are a real human, you can just go ahead with it and complete it, which hardly takes 10 seconds.

2. Creating an alternative Instagram account | Fake Instagram account

The other possible solution is, creating another Instagram account, a bogus account. It works, but need some work outs, impressiveness and it also involves trust and interest factors. Let me explain you this clearly. When you want to see a person’s private Instagram profile without following them, you can create an alternative account in Instagram. Keep the new Instagram account added with proper biography that catches people’s interest and update it with multiple posts for few days. Also, follow many unknown people, so that in turn some of them may follow you back blindly. When people started believing your fake Instagram account as genuine, you just give a follow request to the Instagram account, whose post you wish to view. There are many chances to get accepted, if your fake Instagram account’s privacy settings are set to private, as people tend to accept the request out of curiosity to know who you are.

3. Hack the private Instagram account

One of the other private Instagram account access technique people try is, hacking the whole account. Just with some password and key personal data like email, date of birth, etc they steal the entire account and view the private posts and photos. Once the control is in your hand, you can download photos from private Instagram profile or just view the contents or can do anything you want, without any restrictions.

4. Give out a follow request

Another easiest method is to give a follow request directly, expressing whatever, your thoughts are and why you want to follow that particular person, etc. By this, you can get your follow requests easily approved by the person and you can see their private Instagram profile pictures without any trouble.

5. Make use of Instagram activity tab

You can also try clicking on the activity tab on the Instagram app (heart shaped button) to view all the activity on your posts. On the top of this Instagram activity list, you could have, 2 sections say You and Following. Click on Following and see, the list of activity done by the people whom you are following. So, how to view private Instagram profiles without following them? Let’s take it like this, one of your friend has liked the picture of a person, who is private to you and you want to view their Instagram profile. You need not require to follow that person. Just click on the private person’s profile picture to get their full profile. You will be able to see their posts, pictures, videos, their followers and who they follow, etc. The little tricky thing in this method is, you can only view the private Instagram profiles of users, whose friend you are already following in.

How to view someones private Instagram photos?

Wondering how to see private Instagram photos of a person without following? You could do this with few simple steps. Just go to Instagram website, and login to your account. Search the user whose private profile you want to see and open their page. Right click on their profile picture (thumbnail image) and copy the image address and open it in a new tab in your browser. Here is the trick, so note it carefully. The private Instagram image of the profile can be retrieved by just doing some changes in the URL of the profile picture you just opening in the new tab. Look for the picture dimension in the picture URL, say like 300×250 or 1024×768, etc. This could appear in a format like http:\\\xxxxxxxxx\300×250\xxxx. In this, you have to remove the 300×250\ (ensure, you are also removing a slash forth or back). This will retrieve you the private image that was already upload with original size and quality.

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