how to make money on Instagram

How to make money on Instagram? 8 Fast & Easy Methods

Social Media experts are earning money through various means today. Most online sellers, they plan things on how to make money on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and through other applications. It may look something like they just did a post sharing, but that’s wrong if you are thinking like that. They are making their bags full with money with the shared post. Reason, we are giving out business to them indirectly. That is; we get suggestions from them through the post or images they share. Then we make purchase from the links they given in the post based on what they recommend us. It’s the suggestion they give out through social media cracks the sale for them. So, making money online is easier than ever, if we place our foot in the right place. Instagram is no difference, a platform where people engage and we could make money out of it too.

Eager to learn how to make money on Instagram? Then, you should consider certain elements before you try to make money from Instagram. Here are the tips & tricks to keep your Instagram account more active and engaged all the time helping your make money online.

Must do things in Instagram

Impress with Effective Bio

Fill out your Instagram bio with all the right information as it is the place where you can sell yourself. You should add information that describes your skills, services that you can do and things in which you are an expert. You may have short links to certain website in your Instagram Bio, to take your visitors to a page where they get more impressed.

Post on a regular basis

You must post photo’s or videos in Instagram regularly to keep your audience follow you. At any given time, you should let a follower to unfollow because you aren’t updating anything new. Followers trust your words only if you are consistent in posting. Post often increases the engagement to some extend.

Focus on engagement

It’s your task to get feedback’s from your followers and provide services according to their need. Ask them what they need, clarify doubts if any, suggest best products, show them advantages and give real time case studies. All these activities push for more Instagram engagement to your account. It doesn’t just stop with comments, it also includes likes, mentions, etc. The more engagement, the more likely your followers would be interested in buying your product.

Expand horizons

Don’t just stick with a small area and keep posting things around it. Instagram Followers will get bored and they will either refuse to view your posts or will unfollow you at times. So, you should be talking about multiple things which fall under same category. Say, if you are talking about fashion, you can talk about anything from handbags, shoes, eye liners, jewels, etc.

Game with Hashtags

Believe it or not using relevant hashtags is the key to get more traffic. If are looking for lot of followers, then you must show yourself that you are expert in something to 10’s of 1000 people, so that one or the other will follow you, if they are impress. One way to drive people towards your Bio is using the right hashtags for your content.

Make use of 15-seconds videos

We all know there is an Instagram Video option where you can shoot and load a video for 15 seconds. Why don’t you try to load one, which could better attract the crowd.

Use Visually Appealing Photos

While Instagram hashtags drive the traffic, Instagram photos increase the desire of a visitor to became your follower. If you are post good Instagram photos, then people love to look at your images. After all it’s the matter of quality and attraction that brings user attention. So, buy a high quality photo camera and take photos that you can share with your Instagram audience. On the other hand, if you want to use your mobile phone to take photo’s you can use a selfie stick, so that images doesn’t look too closer to your face.

You can have training on all these sections and additional tips to acquire more Instagram followers in an organic way from AlexTooby’s Infamous to Influential course. If you just want to learn about Instagram hashtags search and usage, then you could go for Hashtag Hero course alone.

How to make money on Instagram?

Want to know how to make money on Instagram? Here are the 8 most common methods that people use to make money through Instagram.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning commission by promoting other company’s products. You find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn referral commission for each sale that you make. This is one of the easiest way to make quick money from Instagram. The referral commission could be recurring income, say commission paid for the life time of the customer or one time commission depending on the seller’s terms. Some popular Affiliate networks from which you can promote products and services are ShareAsale, Impact Radius, Commission Junction, etc. You can sign up for any of these market places and select a service and promote it using you Instagram account. Once you made a sale, you can login to your dedicated account and checkout the statistics. There will be a minimum payment threshold for affiliate earnings in almost every network. When you cleared the payment threshold, you can get paid from the seller.

Promote your own products & services

Instagram is a great space where you can sell your own products and services just like any other social networks. If you are an artist, you can take photos of your creation and upload it in your Instagram account. When your followers view your Instagram photo’s they might get interested and may wish to buy your drawing. The same applies to costume designers, softwares, hair dressers, custom gift manufacturers, etc. You can also rent free spaces in your home, gardening equipment, etc if your audience are easily accessible to you physical locality.

Create Sponsored Posts

Sponsored post is nothing but, posting an Instagram photo referring some brands or companies, and there by driving traffic / business to the company. Let’s say, if Reebok wants to increase their sales through Instagram, they would utilize Instagram influencers like you and pay you for promoting their products via your account.. All you will have to give a recommendation to your audience that, they product is great through a photo or video or textual explanation.

Sell Your Photos

Are you a great photographer? Do you love taking great photographs, there are websites that require photo collection. You could load as many as quality photos on your Instagram profile, so that Individuals and companies love to buy your photos.

Direct followers to your blog

This is an alternative strategy to direct selling. Instead of attracting Instagram users through one line information or a single photo, you direct them to a landing page, where they will get more detailed information. This landing page could be part of your website or blog allowing them to sign up for your services or buy your products with a complete review.

Redirect followers to freelance websites

Coming to selling your work or a service, we follow the same redirection process we did for blogs. That is; if you provide freelance services in websites like Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr, etc, then you could direct all your followers to your Fiverr page through your Influential Instagram account to get more orders and generate income.

Sell Your Instagram Account

There are many people who want to buy ready made products. Influential Instagram accounts have great value in terms of customer attraction and money. Say for example, if your Instagram profile is making $5000 every month, you can expect your account to be sold for 10-20 times more than the current revenue. That is; you could sell your instagram account for somewhere from $50000 to $100000.

Capture leads

Leads are important for any business. Without leads, there is nothing called making profit. Lead generation is one good IT service, which is yielding funds for years. Through your Instagram account, you could capture leads required by brands or companies and sell them for a payment.

I hope this guide on “How to make money on Instagram?” would have been useful. Now, it’s your turn start your online business with Instagram immediately.