How to logout of Netflix on Wii? Logout of Netflix account on Wii U

3 Easy steps to LOGOUT of Netflix account on Wii and sign into a different account

Over 40 million people around the globe are actively using Netflix as of 2016. Devices such as laptops, smartphones, TV’s and game consoles has the ability to run Netflix service. Wii is a home video game console, that was developed by Nintendo and it has better user-base than Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s Play station 3. When Wii proved to sustain, it started introducing new channel and Netflix owners are able to view a channel without a disc. When you use your Netflix account on your Wii, the device stores your account details and it will be impossible to sign out of Netflix account. Nor you can add new account too. So, how to logout of Netflix on Wii? Here are some methods by which you can logout of Netflix account on your Wii or Wii U consoles.

How to logout of Netflix on Wii? Steps in signing out Netflix account on Wii U

Even though there is no direct sign out options available, you can remove your Netflix data from the Wii console by erasing it. This will make your current Netflix account to go into deactivate mode. Then, you can open the Netflix channel and enter new login details to sign into Netflix account. Make sure you are adding at least one active Netflix account, to keep the Netflix app working.

Change Netflix account on Wii and add new Netflix account

You can remove a Netflix account from a Wii console using the following steps:

  • Click the Wii icon on the Wii home screen (can be seem on the bottom left corner)
  • Select Data Management -> Save Data -> Wii
  • Look for the Netflix Channel and click on Erase, and give a confirmation to erase
  • Once this is done, start pressing Back button until you get the Wii home screen
  • Now, open up the Netflix channel again by click on the Netflix App
  • Click on Member sign in and enter the sign in details of the new account in which you want to continue

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How to Log Out of Netflix on Wii console and sign in a different account?

  • Open the Netflix app on Wii console
  • Use the arrows in your Gamepad and select sign out or deactivate option
  • When the sign out process is complete, you can sign in with a new Netflix account

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