Best Mp3 downloader app for android

Best Mp3 downloader app for Android | Download free music using latest Music downloader app in the market

Music is one of the best things which can entire change the mood of any person. For instance, if you depressed and you accidently listen to a song which you love, then there are many chances that your mood could change and you can come out of your sadness quicker. The habit of listening music through devices has taken various formations in human life. Starting from the tape records, Walkmans, CD, iPods and now we have everything inbuilt to a common device which we use for communication. Yes, that’s our mobile. The most common audio file/ music file that we use today is MP3. This MP3 can be downloaded or listened online through various MP3 Songs websites available. But, MP3 music downloader apps are a new destination for the music lovers. So, I’m going to share few details about the best Mp3 downloader app for android devices.

Best MP3 Downloader App for Android in 2016 – 2017

iTube Mp3 Music Download

iTube Mp3 music downloader is one of the most downloaded app for music downloading. You can stream online music as well as download mp3 songs using this app. This app don’t own any copyrights for music, so it allow free music download from private websites. You can find your favourite music track by finding it through Genres or simply just be searching it.  This app is completely free and allows you to download music faster. You can have this app installed in any android version later than 4.1

Spotify Music

Spotify is very popular music streaming and downloading app in United States. But it still used by people in other countries little lesser compared to the US. You can search and create your own playlist or choose from others playlist as they have a large collection of music from the different artist in their library. The premium version of this mp3 downloader app allows you to play music offline without internet and you can also enjoy listening to songs without any distracting ads. It is a general belief that, music on the premium version is of high quality. I recommend you give it a try to know why people in US love this mp3 download app.

GTunes Music Downloader

GTunes is an easy to use music downloader app, which lets you download mp3 music for free from multiple search engines. You can just search, download and play mp3 files instantly. It allows offline music listening and creating custom ringtone. Because of its simple interface and smaller memory size, it works perfectly on low-end devices. The only thing you need to consider while installing this mp3 downloader is, you cannot expect any help as there is no support or update available for this app from 2012.


RockMyRun is a best mp3 downloader app for workouts, walking, jagging or running exercises. This free app produces the best Running music that will enhance your workout.  It has a special feature called as Body Driven Music which adjusts tempo & music to match your steps. The My Beat feature automatically creates playlist to match your work style. You can save any music via cache feature of this android app for offline playback.


Tunee is a multi-search engine based mp3 downloader where you can easily download high quality mp3 music for free.  It is one of the best and most advanced app for downloading music. Even though Tunee maintains the standard of quality in aspects, it was recently from Google Play store due to certain security reasons. So, you just need to move over some third party sites for downloading Tunee android app.

Mp3 Music Download

Mp3 music Download is an advanced mp3 music downloader android app that lets you search, download and listen to free mp3 music on your Android Smartphone or tablet. It has a simple user interface with many exciting features like ring maker, multiple music file download, free mp3 downloads, background downloading, etc. Moreover, you can play songs online, download it for offline usage and even share the music files with other apps. The one disadvantage of this app is, it has lot of ads which along with the built-in features makes the app to run slower.


Gaana is one of the best Mp3 downloader app for android to download free songs.  Initially, Gaana was a music streaming app but recently, they added download feature too which is quite amazing. It has a collection of 10 million songs and 1000’s of Pre-curated Playlist by experts. You can listen to nonstop online radio stations and create your own playlist depending upon your choice. This app runs ad free and you can sync music with 5 different devices. The only downfall of this android app is that the songs which are downloaded from Gaana app can not be played via any other music player.

Wynk Music

Wynk Music is one of popular mp3 download app with huge user base. This is a premium app, however, you can enjoy first month of service for free. It has a huge music library with more than 3 million songs for Indian and International audience. The tracks include famous international artist like Enrique, Katty Perry, Atif Aslam, Lady Gaga & others. You can stream music online using Wynk Music or you can download them for offline usage. If you are in India, you can listen to as many as hindi songs where the subscription starts at just Rs.99 per month. I recommend you to use this app with Airtel connection, as it gives free subscription to all of them. It ‘s a best mp3 downloader app for bollywood song lovers.

Google play music

As the name states, it is an app given out by Google. This integrated music player works best on any android device. It can stream music online or download for offline listening.  It is one of best ad free android app to download free music from its database of 35 million songs.  Google Play Music has some exciting features like smart recommendation which will recommend you songs according to your taste by matching genres of songs which you generally listen. You can also discover and subscribe to the podcasts. If you are looking for a good UI music downloader, then Google Play Music is the best choice. Only thing you need to keep in mind is, you need to buy monthly subscription for unlimited free music downloads.

Pep Mp3 downloader

Pep MP3 Downloader is another music downloader app, which lets you stream, check size and then download music files. That is. you can measure the quality by checking the file size before downloading . Since we don’t have this app listed in Play store, we have to rely on third party sites to download the APK file of Pep Mp3 downloader.


4shared music is a best free music downloader app, that lets you search and download music for online and offline usage. This is a dedicated music file search app by the well known online file sharing company. 4shared Music offers 15GB space to upload your favourite songs and stream them on the go. In addition to this, you can share files to your friend easily from the cloud storage. So, my final thought would be, 4shared will the best and top mp3 downloader app for android in 2017.

Music Maniac Pro MP3 Downloader

Music Maniac Pro MP3 Downloader makes it very easy to download your favourite music files on the go. It is definitely a highest rated free app for music downloading in Android devices. As like other devices, you can search for music files from huge directory and download songs/ringtones to your device. You can view downloaded music in “download” location. From the downside, you may feel the Ads in the music player are little annoying and the UI looking unfit for the trend, as they are of old-fashioned style.

Although, multi music streaming and downloading apps are open to free use, it’s completely your choice to pick the best mp3 downloader app for android phone which meets your purpose and satisfaction. As mentioned earlier, if you’re looking for app for exercises, then RockMyRun would be a right choice, whereas, it you are looking for Bollywood songs then Wynk Music could be the best mp3 downloader app for android phones. So, its your go now to make a wise choice.

I hope this guide on top & best Mp3 downloader app for android devices would have given you a clarity on top music download APK’s for android. You might be interested in knowing, how to connect your latptop to TV?